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Louise Branson,  Oakton,  Seller and Buyer
Karen Richmond, quite simply, is a magician. She achieves the impossible. We sold our house four days after putting it on the market. She did so much more than other realtors. She personally staged and transformed our house with our own furniture, cutting out the cost of expensive staging. She had a reasonably-priced handyman paint and add touches that I would never thought of, but which buyers loved. She found us the perfect house to downsize to. What more can I say? I have enthusiastically recommended her to all my friends.
 Shelby Rivenbark-Bealeton,  Buyer
Karen Richmond is an outstanding agent and was a real pleasure to work with. Some friends of ours recommended her to us and we are so grateful that they did! She has an extraordinary knowledge of real estate and she was very dedicated and proactive in helping us find and purchase our home. She was very prompt in responding to us, whether by phone or email, and she did a tremendous amount of work on our behalf. She's always very well prepared and she made sure that we had all of the information we needed, while also scheduling appointments, doing paperwork, and corresponding with the other agents for us. Buying a home is a very intimidating venture, but she made it so easy! Her friendliness and expertise really made it a fun process. We just closed on our home yesterday and I can't believe how effortless she made it for us! I would recommend Karen to anyone buying or selling a home!

Robert and Rebecca reviewed Karen Richmond
With Karen Richmond, we found the knowledge, expertise, and leadership we needed to sell our house in a timely manner and for a fair price. Using their expertise and knowledge our property sold for more and quicker than other homes in the neighborhood, actually, $30,000 over the highest sale in 4 days. They came in knowing the market, knowing the competition, and knowing the trends.
The last thing as a home owner you want to hear is you need to do some type of repair, change, or update. Instead of telling us that we had to do something, items were suggested with rational why the changes should be made and possible alternatives. They treated our money as theirs; do what makes sense. We felt comfortable with their suggestions, and ultimately followed their suggestions. In retrospect, the actions were right on with little cost; significantly less than having the house on the market for another month or longer.
We highly recommend Karen Richmond. She will take the time to understand your goals and will guide you through the process of buying or selling your home. If your looking for Real Estate Agent you can trust, look no further.

Terri & Linda-Manassas/ Woodbridge, VA Buyer and Seller
Karen and KK were an absolute joy to work with.  My spouse and I had some challenging moments during the lengthy process of selling our house and buying our dream home.  Karen was with us every step of the way.    One of the challenging moments was when the house we were selling, appraisal came back significantly lower than we expected.  We were so frustrated and upset.  But Karen, without hesitation, took the initiative to challenge the appraisal.  She spent countless hours of her personal time, researching and sending supporting information to the appraisal management company, and the value of our house was eventually changed.  We are truly grateful to have had Karen as our realtor.  We strongly recommend Karen to anyone (i.e. especially our family and friends) that wants a realtor who is professional, knowledgeable, and reliable and will go to bat for you if the need arises. 
Patrick and Cory,  Bristow, VA Buyer and Seller
Karen was absolutely invaluable to my wife and I throughout the home buying process, I fear that they have spoiled us for other agents when we eventually move out of the area. Their thoroughness and their attention to detail coupled with their ability to break down industry lingo to a level that the novice can easily comprehend made the experience enjoyable for us because she took out the apprehension that goes with feeling like you are getting in to something you do not understand.
She took the time to not only take on our wish list of what we wanted in a home but she got to know us on a personal level so much so that was able to guide us to areas and houses that were well suited for us and cut down considerably on time spent with houses that didn’t fit. When we were willing to make some concessions because we thought we wouldn’t be able to find what we wanted in our price range she was able to talk us off the ledge and convinced us to stay the course. She got us to keep the faith and she was able to deliver a home that is perfectly suited for what we wanted at a price we can live very comfortably with.
What I feel speaks the most about Karen’s character and work ethic was the way she was able to work with a nightmare seller to finish the deal on time despite adversity that seemed to present itself every step along the way. It’s certainly easy to keep a smile and maintain a bright disposition when things are going along smoothly but dealing with this particular seller, who was a rare breed of difficult by the accounts of all parties involved regardless of how brief their contact with him was, would have been enough to cause most agents to steer their clients in any direction that got them away from having to deal with that guy but Karen endured what I can only imagine were days of fighting what must have often felt like a losing battle in order to get us the house that she knew was right for us. While I cannot give her back the years that the stress of this sale has surely taken off of her life I can offer my thanks for what her tenacity and resolve has meant to our family. I will certainly be singing her praises to anyone who will listen and cannot express enough what an asset she is to the K Realty team.
Kenny and Heather- Centreville, VA Buyer
Heather and I would like to thank you very much for making our 1st home buying experience a pleasant one. You hear horror stories all the time about how painful buying a home can be, well I can attest that you all made ours quite the opposite.

 LeeLynn Farms- Leesburg, VA Seller and Buyer
Kathy and Karen team helped navigate us through a stressful sale of the farm we owned.  They championed our interests and after over two years on the market with another salesperson, they sold it in four months!
I think what makes her different is her robust energy, her thoughtfulness and her integrity.
Currently, Karen is helping us purchase our next home. This experience is delightful. Her careful eye on the details of the houses we were shown led us to the right house for us.  We are grateful to Karen and Kathy for all they have done and continues to do for us and highly recommend them

John and April- Manassas Sellers 2014
I tried selling my house FSBO for about a month with very few inquiries then I was introduced to Karen Richmond through a friend of a friend and after talking on the phone she agreed to come over to the house and talk with me about listing my house.  She walked through the house and gave me some tips for staging furniture and talked me through some of the items I needed to fix before having an open house.  She was very confident and told me her average time of having a house on the market was 8 days.  There were several houses in my neighborhood which had been on the market for months and I was initially skeptical of Karen's confidence.  My skepticism quickly turned into admiration for Karen.  We put the house on the market on a Thursday and Karen set up an open house that weekend.  Karen works closely with Kathy Kilgore, and between the two of them they had posted flyers of my house at a number of businesses around town.  They had a few folks interested at the first open house, but the following weekend they had another open house and we got a couple offers.  Unfortunately, and due to no fault of Karen's that first offer fell through. Karen was undeterred and her and Kathy set up another open house for the next weekend, where we received yet another offer.  This one better than the last.  Luckily for my wife and I, that first offer wasn't meant to be, but Karen and Kathy worked tirelessly to get our contract to closing and sold our house.
Kathy Kilgore was the friend of a friend I mentioned above, and I'm happy to say that having gone through the process of selling my house with Kathy, I now consider her and Karen friends.  Kathy worked harder than any real estate agent I've ever met to ensure each open house was  a successful event.  I would definitely recommend them to anyone interested in buying or selling a home!
Christopher and Christine -Bristow, VA Buyer
Karen Richmond was proactive and diligent in handling all aspects of the listing and subsequent sale. We were not familiar with the area we were purchasing in Bristow, VA, but with Karen’s knowledge about the area and neighborhood we were able to find the perfect home for our family.  She has wonderful negotiation skills and was able to get our home at a great price!  We are so happy we used her to list our old home and help us purchase our new one. She returned emails, returns call phone calls promptly and guided us through the process with ease!  She is very knowledgeable and works closely with local professionals that offer great services and low fees. From her wonderful lender, home inspector, and Title Company, she saves us thousands of dollars by knowing the right people in her business. We’ve never had a realtor take so much extra time to help save us every dollar she could.
Mike and Linda-Centreville, VA Sellers
We listed our home with Karen after having our house listed with multiple agents in the past.  Karen came to our house and explained how she would help us stage and market our home.  She went above and beyond helping us prepare our home for sale.  She is detail oriented and pays close attention to what buyers are looking for when they are comparing homes.  Karen was able to sell our home for more than the other realtors we previously listed with by making sure our home was 100% ready for the market instead of “tweaking” it afterwards.  Her staging experience and photography skills were amazing when we compared what she did to other agents that had listed it before.
Andrew M. Bristow, VA Buyer 2012
Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication helping us find our first home by navigating us through the home buying process with expertise. We appreciate your exceptional service, knowledge of Northern Virginia neighborhoods and real estate BUT most of all your honesty!
Dale reviewed Karen Richmond
Karen helped me find the perfect home. She was patience and took the time to truly understand what I was looking for. She negotiated and was able to get me a wonderful deal. I am very happy with her service and commitment.
Fairfax Seller reviewed Karen Richmond
Karen has put more effort into selling our home than the three agents we tried using in the past. Her staging knowledge and the time she took marketing our property helped us sell the first weekend. If your looking for an agent you can count on and trust she's your agent.

Lynchs- Springfiled Buyers 2015
Karen is an amazing realtor. She's professional, experienced, diligent, and always available to help. Karen always put our interests as a focus and helped us find the perfect home for our family. She can offer sound and honest advice through out the whole process. I can't say enough wonderful things about her!


Joe Padilla-Gainesville, VA July, 2015
Karen and Kathy, 
I want to thank you again for all you did to get my condo sold.  You are a tenacious lady who went above and beyond the call of duty.  I know that if not for you my condo would still not be sold.  If you ever need customer references, I'm here for you.  You've been a godsend and I can never thank you enough.

Kenneth and Patria Cox  Manassas, VA  Buyers & Sellers March 2015 
Great realtors! We are so happy with our new home and the service Karen and KK provided us with our purchase and with selling our home.  We don't know of any realtors who would do so much to help us get our home ready to sell.  They personally helped up with things we were not capable of doing and then they staged our home for us at no charge.  Then they were able to locate a home   homeowner in Oregon that had withdrawn their listing in Colonial Beach. They were able to negotiate a price we were comfortable with and now we live in a home we never thought we could afford. We are so happy with our new home and for choosing the right agents that don't mind hard work!  


L Tidwell, Woodbridge Seller July 2015
Thank you Karen and Kathy,  I very much appreciate your hard work and never giving up on the sale of my home.

​​New Home Buyer- Bramelton, VA 2016
It was my first home purchase and I have to say it felt like climbing a mountain at first with web searching, site visits, financial considerations, buy new or old, deciding on locations, type of home, size, etc... My co-worker referred me to Karen Richmond and I have to say my experience was turned from total chaos and confusion to absolute fun! Any review I write or words I put together to compliment Karen's work will be insufficient to convey how great she is. You want a personable Realtor who deeply cares about her clients and put their interest first, check. You want a Realtor who is knowledgeable about all NOVA areas and knows the trickiest details about the home buying/selling process and all the tactics the sales people use, check. You want someone who can give you long-term advice on your investment and put you in the absolute best place for you and family, check. You want someone who is eloquent, stylish, assertive, and very well respected in their line of business, you got Karen Richmond! I am not related to her or have any interest in writing this review nor did she ask me to write it -- but I owe it to her to put a good word for her, she more than deserves it. BTW, did I mention she responds to your emails after midnight at times, this not a joke, she works tirelessly for her clients. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Karen and I am very happy that my wife and I have met a wonderful person like her. We have never felt rushed or felt like Karen was not forthcoming with us. In fact, many times she discouraged us from falling for a specific property and gave us very strong and real reasons why. Now, ask yourself why would a Realtor who gets a commission from the sale would try to discourage you from buying something you actually like? Well, because she is very honest and puts you first not the couple of pennies she earns from the sale. That's a professional who cares about her reputation and really puts you before everything. Call or email her if you are in the market, it will be one of the best calls you have ever made. Karen is very organized, knowledgeable, and resourceful. Through this experience dealing with her, we have learned so much about this business. One last thing, if you decide to hire her and she gives you advice, take it -- she knows what she's talking about it even if you don't think so at the moment. After we settled on a home we absolutely loved at a very nice community, Karen stayed in touch and asked if we needed anything. We got advice from her regarding choice of paint colors, furniture, contractor names, etc... Thank you Karen -- if we are ever in the market again whether buying or selling, it will be you. Please don't retire until you reach 100 years!

Twombly's Leesburg Seller, March 2016
Karen Richmond, our broker of many years and her associate Kathy Kilgore recently sold our home. I have utilized Karen’s skills and knowledge buying and selling our properties for many years now. When we explained our situation, Karen did not hesitate to take on the challenge of selling our home. Went through the normal furniture clearing, fixing, painting, room staging and keep the home presentable for viewing process. Karen and Kathy were very professional and personable, during the whole process. No matter what stood in their way, Karen and Kathy were willing to go the extra mile to solve all the issues that came our way. Karen and Kathy saved us from losing this home to a foreclosure process. I would highly recommend their services and I am honored to provide this testimony to praise them for a job well done.

David V. Bristow, VA 2015
Karen Richmond and KRealty truly live up to and exemplify their motto of being "Realtors Dedicated to Positive Results."  We've had the pleasure of knowing and working with Karen for over 4 years now.  She helped us while Active Duty military stationed in VA during the market crash, exploring and navigating the short sale process during a permanent change of station, and then exploring alternative and best options for weathering this storm and keeping the home and renting it instead.  She helped us rent and take care of the property while watching the market to position for sell when best for us.  She sold our home at asking price and truly represented and worked for us.  Her expertise and contacts helped save us money on repairs, unnecessary closing costs, and in closing while living in another state.  The transaction was fast, flawless, as was her communication with us every step of the way.  We wholeheartedly recommend her, you won't find anyone better. 

Bristow Seller 2016
​​We would like to thank you very much for making our 1st home buying experience a pleasant one. You hear horror stories all the time about how painful buying a home can be, well I can attest that you all made ours quite the opposite. Ken R. 

Jessica D. Stone Ridge Seller September 2016
Karen Richmond was amazing with working with us on our Short Sale of our Townhouse. It was such a quick turn around. Contract was written up within a week of the house going on the market. Karen was extremely helpful working directly with the bank on the short and getting it approved super fast.  She was available at all hours of the day and very quick to response back to all my questions. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a quick easy process to sell your home. I will definitely use her again in future mortgage transactions

Allen L. Front Royal Buyer August 2016
Karen is a very down to earth, knowledgable realtor/broker that goes way above and beyond what is expected of her. She was so diligent in this home buying process and not only made it a pleasent smooth transaction but as first time home buyers, we learned so much about the process and things about  the home that would have been overlooked by someone who just saw you as an easy sale. She is not only diligent, but she made sure we got the best deal on the house which was absolutely amazing and unexpected. I am very confident that she will be the first one I call if I ever move again! Highly recommend!

Andrew S. Alexandria Buyer and Seller 
Karen is by far the most knowledgeable and helpful realtor I've ever worked with. I've now bought two homes and sold one with Karen, and she continues to impress. Don't let the Southern accent fool you, she is one tough cookie, and has always made sure I get the best price. I'm currently buying a 2  BR condo for under market price with full closing cost assist - that's the magic of Karen. Highly, highly, recommend her.

Karla Christensen, Vienna, VA Seller 2016
​Neighbors who sold their home highly recommended Karen as a listing agent. From our first consultation, we knew she was the one to represent our home. Karen is smart and analytical with an easy-going, pleasant personality. Her knowledge of the market is extensive and her approach is hands-on and  completely involved. As personal as a home sale can be, Karen was considerate and kind, and actually made the experience fun. Karen possesses a wonderful decorating talent that enables her to provide home staging at no additional cost. Realtors without this talent recommend engaging a stager which may cost as much as $4,000 depending on the size of the home. She is professional and honest and a strong communicator and negotiator. We strongly recommend Karen Richmond to anyone looking to buy a home or sell their existing home.

M. Jewell, Seller 2016
I was going through a very hard time in my life and Karen took time to sit down with me and show me what is beautiful and caring person she is first by listening very intently to my situation. She was very patient and very kind with me throughout the whole process of selling my home. She even rolled up her sleeves and helped me paint my outside shutters and my front door to help motivate me. Karen Richmonf is a very authentic, kindhearted, bubbly, energetic go-getter woman who is just as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside and she never let me feel alone through the whole process of selling my home, which was very emotional to me.  I would refer Karen to anyone on this planet as a professional real estate agent as well as a wonderful friend and caring person that you can count on. Thank you very much Karen and I hope we stay in touch for years to come. You're the best!

B. Keener, Sellers 2017
​Could not have received the same amount of attention and drive from another realtor.
Karen was also the realtor that helped us buy our first house a few years ago and we knew if she had the same amount of energy helping us find a house to buy as she would selling our house, we were in excellent hands!
Karen was with us every step of the way through the sale of our house.
She gives the best advice and her ability to stage your house just right for an open house is truly a gift. 
Within days of our house being on the market we had a ratified contract. 
This was our first house that we have sold and we never had to ask what was next. 
Karen was always right there letting us know the process and what was to come.
Such a smooth experience that took so much weight off our shoulders and eased our minds.
Thank you so much Karen! You will forever be our go-to realtor!


​Are you buying or selling your home? If so then I'd recommend dealing with Karen and K Realty. This process is hectic but they really make it easy as can be. I'll recommend them to anyone who asks. Karen treats you very well and it doesn't matter if you're selling or buying a $200k or a million dollar property. They treat you well and work for you to get the conditions you need. I was dreading selling our property but Karen and K Realty made everything as easy as possible from listing to closing! In a word: fantastic!

Apperson, Buyers & Sellers 2017
I have benefited fromKarens expertise twice! She helped us sell our rental about five years ago, and this time she helped us sell our house and find another. We are very particular, and can be difficult at times... but Karen was very patient and found our dream home!!! I highly recommend her!

C. Planes, Seller 2018
Karen is the BEST...always professional and very knowledgeable in her job. Karen was my agent 10 years ago when I purchased my home. She did such a wonderful job that I just recently used her again to sell the same home. With her knowledge of the market and her willingness to help with staging,  my house was under contract 24 hours after listing! You will not find a better agent in the NOVA!

H. Alsaldo, Seller 2018
Karen helped me sell a luxury home. She was very attentive to details when preparing the property for showing. The contract documents were correctly prepared and Karen followed promptly with the Buyer’s representative. Karen is a professional is highly recommended.

J. Hagerty, Gainesville, VA Seller 2018
Outstanding!! She was always on top of everything, professional with a personal touch. I trusted her with the entire processes of selling my house and she didn’t fail me. Let me tell you this, I was in the Real Estate business as the processint manager for 8 years and processed the paperwork  for over 100 agents, (all steps of the process) so I KNOW how things go with the right and wrong Realtor. *****There is no better than Karen Richmond. She is want you want in a Realtor.

J. Sanford, Bristow, VA Seller 2018
You will not find a more passionate advocate for your home and sale than Karen. From start to finish she is knowledgeable and straight forward with an attention to detail that gets the job done.